Commemorative Speech - Writing Guide, Outline & Examples

Commemorative Speech

Speech writing is one of the forms of communication. It is one of the ways of informing and evaluating the people while considering the underlying goals. Among different types of speeches, the significance of commemorative speech cannot be denied. It is defined as a form of speech in which an individual pays tribute to someone, it can be an event, an individual, or a group of people.

Alike speech types, commemorative speeches also require a significant understanding of the message, writing skills, and the audience. This blog can help you understand what the meaning of commemorative speech is and how it can be written with excellence.

Definition of commemorative speech

A commemorative speech is also known as the epideictic speech or a ceremonial speech. It is defined as an address of honor that is meant to celebrate or praise the significance, contribution, or the importance of an event, idea, place, group, or institute. The speech is more likely meant for acknowledgments rather than just informing.
Following are some of the core attributes of the speech

  • Ensuring that the audience is very much passionate about the future if it is about an idea
  • There is a continuous uplift of the emotions and the feelings of the audience to keep them active
  • People are motivated by the idea, event, or the personality
  • The sentiments of the audience are provoked, and they are motivated to share their feelings.

So, cumulatively, a commemorative speech is meant to influence people and unite them so that something can be appreciated. Also, the speech is delivered on different occasions such as funerals reunions, anniversaries, and memorial services. In addition, the acceptance speech is also considered the type of commemorative speech.

It won’t be wrong to say that writing a good commemorative speech requires a writer to have a sound knowledge of the topic or the ideas and he must be well aware of how a perfect speech can be written to leave an everlasting impact on the listeners.

The beginning of the commemorative speech

Alike other pieces of work, the commemorative speech must be written with strong planning so that it can be delivered in an effective manner. If the underlying planning is effective, only then a meaningful speech can be written. Following are the steps that should be taken while writing the subject speech

  • Ideas should be brainstormed
  • The first step in writing is to think about the ideas that can be discussed. The ideas should be unique, and relevant, and only those subjects that should be discussed are worth a discussion. The content should be relevant to the mentality of the people so that it can inculcate the required feeling

  • The purpose should be identified
  • The next step in writing a commemorative speech is to identify the underlying purpose. It is inferred that the subject purpose should be communicated and the ideas should be collected that are relevant to the subject, and serve the purpose.

  • Important information should be gathered
  • The next step is collecting the relevant and important information that can justify the purpose. The information can be anything such as ideas, stories, or memories.

Outline of the commemorative speech

Alike other written material the outline of the speech should also follow the same template. It would not be wrong to say that the content should be understandable at max. The information can be organized by creating an outline, which then provides a structure to the speech.
Following are the parts of an effective outline

  • Introduction
  • Body
  • Conclusion

The introduction should be a brief representation of the occasion. In the introduction, the addressee will make the audience comfortable and relevant to the content. The introduction should be followed by the body of the speech in which all the facts, figures, and other relevant information can be added and communicated. The detail of the events and the ideas will lead to a conclusion because a sudden conclusion will obviously affect the quality of the work.

How to write the commemorative speech

While writing the speech, when you have the required information along with the outline, it is time to write the speech. Make sure to follow the following steps.

  • One should start writing the speech by having an informative and attractive introduction. Basically, the hook is defined as interactive and attractive sentences that should be a phrase, any quotation, or a saying by that specific person.
  • Then, there should be a purpose and subject of the speech. One should be very careful about the essence, which should be interesting and also short. It is crucial for the audience to be very familiar with the content.
  • While designing the subject, attention should be given to loyalty, charisma, wisdom, as well as significance. It can be done either by sharing examples or activities or actions.
  • One should make sure to include a personal touch it will help the audience empathize with the subject. There should be equal inclusion of sentiments and emotions in the speech
  • In the end, there should be a summary of everything that is already written. It will have an emotive and a concluding effect on the audience.

Some common topics

Topic plays a central role in the underlying impact of the speech. It is important to have the right topic because it is the first thing that comes into the mind of the reader or the listener. It is important to make sure that the topic is interesting and exciting at the same time.
If you cannot come up with an interesting topic, the following are some of the commemorative speech topics from which one can be selected.

  • A tribute to the life
  • In the memory of parents
  • The sacrifice of the leaders
  • Example of a warrior human being
  • How to overcome challenges in life?
  • The encouraging moments of the humanitarian movements
  • Role of respect in empowering any human relationship
  • How teamwork can empower the performance of the organization and the team.
  • How the worries of life can be fought with valor and bravery

Tips to write the speech

There are some basic and easy tips that can help you with writing a commemorative speech or tribute speech examples

  • The first tip to remember is, that one should always write with all the heart. It will not only help to connect to the readers but will also help to understand the underlying context and be true to the audience
  • Always brainstorm the ideas. It is another important technique that can help you with coming up with the required points. The best way that can help to think about the topic is reflecting on it, and then developing on it.
  • One should always identify and analyze the audience while writing the content because if the audience is satisfied only then a realistic content base can be created.
  • Always try to use simple words, it will make it easier for the audience to understand and connect to the content
  • Always create a rough draft first
  • Always try to share new information and the unknown facts
  • The speech should be well-structured
  • Always choose a relevant topic, and the topic shares some relevant message to the readers.

Always try to use a unique topic rather than sticking to the already used topics or view ceremonial speech example

Some issues and challenges in writing a commemorative speech

It is believed that writing of speech is a tedious task, but in reality, the task is tedious. What makes commemorative speech hard to write is, the underlying structure that is to be followed. When an individual is writing a commemorative speech, it means there must be an emotional attachment or a connection with the place, venue, or subject. The most difficult task in the world is to give words to what an individual feel. Either too much empathy affects the quality of work or it leaves the listeners or the readers in a jumbled framework.

Commemorative speech should be written by keeping in view that one has to maintain a balance between the emotions and the underlying feelings that can have an impact on the readers. The correct choice of words when connected with the right feeling can help the readers honor the feelings. In most cases, students write a commemorative speech, but either they switch from their perspective or they are not able to convey what they actually feel, which deviates the readers.

Since language is the bridge to connect with the listeners, it is important to have good command on the language and then the right sentence structure. In case of any mismanagement or inability to address the audience, the quality of work can be affected and it will obviously reduce the underlying essence and impression. One can take help from different tools and techniques that can help to correct issues and errors in the language or demolish the quality of language that is used.

An example of a commemorative speech

A speech is always meant to be interesting. It is crucial to take help from the previous speeches that are written, or seek guidance from online resources such as
One of the commemorative speech examples is as follows

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