List of Best Compare and Contrast Essay Topics for Students

compare and contrast essay

Compare and Contrast essay is one of the most commonly discussed types of essays. In many academic standards, students are asked to come up with such essays so that their critical thinking abilities can be assessed and talked about. It is one of the reasons that students find it hard to write compare and contrast essay, and they are usually seeking help.


Compare and contrast essay can be defined as a type of essay that is written solely to compare the two aspects of the attributes of a topic with each other. It is usually written to know and understand how one aspect is different from the other, but how actually the two make sense. It is also important to note that writing such an essay requires more potential when compared to the other essay types because of the technical development and technical understanding that is a must.

How to write compare and contrast essay outline

Since the outline sets the framework of a full-length essay, it is important to understand the significance and steps to write the compare and contrast essay outline. Alike the exemplification definition, it is crucial to have a thorough understanding of the topic and the related points that are crucial to be talked about.

The compare and contrast essay outline should be all about the major headings that need to be addressed, such as an introduction section, then comes the thesis statement and the discussion section, and it should end with a conclusion section.

Following are some important points in a compare and contrast essay outline.

  • There should be a hook statement that will mark the beginning of the introduction section.
  • The introduction section should have a series of bullet points, each pertaining to the central idea that is to be discussed.
  • Then, add a thesis statement, which will be a one-liner response to the question and the subject issue.
  • Then add the bullet points that will comprise the discussion points
  • The body paragraphs should have compact bullet points pertaining to the topic
  • There should be three bullet points in each paragraph
  • There should be a conclusion section in which bullet points of the summary will be mentioned.
  • Nothing additional should be added in the conclusion section because it will affect the quality of the work.

Writing a compare and contrast essay.

Evaluating the Google Search Engines, it is found that students are always seeking and asking how to write a compare and contrast essay. A simple answer to this question is extracted from the fact that the compare and contrast essay is linked with the student's ability to understand something to its core and then coming up with a response that can help others find the difference.

There are different sections of the compare and contrast essay, each should be dealt with attention and focus.

  • Introduction
  • As the name indicates, in writing an introduction of a compare and contrast essay, one should talk about the facts and figures that are already known. Mostly, it will be about the historical background or the history of the topic. Here, a writer will be able to come up with a thorough development or progression of the concept over time. The introduction should be limited to the universal background or the universal facts only. Thus, an essay writer should be well aware of the ideal vision that is commonly held and praised.

  • Thesis statement
  • It is the second section of the compare and contrast essay. The thesis statement for compare and contrast essay should be a one-line response on how the two aspects of the two departments differentiate from each other. It should be a compact and clear response to how a comparison, i.e., the similarity and difference, can be summed up in a single sentence.

  • Body paragraphs
  • If you know exactly how to write a thesis for compare and contrast essay, you will automatically be able to know about how to write a full-length paper. It would not be wrong to say that the body paragraphs are built on the aspects of the sections of the thesis statement. The components should be explained in each of the paragraphs, and then it should be developed in light of the facts and figures.

    In general, a compare and contrast essay should have the latest four to five paragraphs, where each of the paragraphs should deal with the discussion of a single aspect only. However, it is also of considerable importance that the interlinked aspects should be mentioned in the same para, and there should be a series of facts and figures that should be quoted to empower and entail the text, making it more meaningful and easier to comprehend.

    For instance, if a student is writing a high school graduation speech, it is evident that there should be a thorough insight into the logic that has convinced the writer to come up with a speech. Thus, it is all about the supporting details, how meaningful they are, and how they are helping students to achieve their goal of academic excellence, or making an impact on the readers or the listeners.

  • Conclusion
  • In the end, there is a need to understand how to write a conclusion for a compare and contrast essay. The conclusion should be about the summaries that are to be discussed and how those summaries can make a difference. The conclusion should not have any unique point added to it because it will affect the quality of the task.

Some compare and contrast essay topics.

Since writing is all about the literary analysis of the topic and understanding the details, it is crucial to learn about the topics that are trendy and can help students secure some good marks.

Following are some of the good compare and contrast essay topics that can help you come up with a creative essay that will be scoring as well as impressive. These compare and contrast essay ideas will assist in writing a full-length research paper.

  • Is Facebook a better source of entertainment when compared to Instagram
  • How social media is improving global communication?
  • How current economic development of the US is empowering than China?
  • Is the current post-Covid recession an insight into the post-war impacts?
  • Is the modern educational system better than the traditional schools of thought?
  • How are developing countries making a difference in the world?
  • How are forest fires causing the same loss as the pandemics?
  • How are Disney stories affecting and manipulating the mindset of youth?
  • How is sexism and workplace discrimination connected and linked with modern day issues?

Compare and contrast essay example

A student has the chance to look for different compare and contrast essay examples online; however, this blog can also help to give clear sunlight into the compare and contrast essay. All one need to know about a compare and contrast essay is to review the following.

  • Always come up with a brief insight into the background of the topic. Make sure that enough information is given that can help to create an extensive narrative.
  • The thesis statement should have both the compare and the contrast version of the topic.
  • It is important to come up with a different yet unique source of information that can help to understand the context of information.
  • The comparison should be made on the basis of the commonly selected point.
  • One whole paragraph should be dedicated to the comparison of the terms, then, there should be an insight into the similarities.
  • One should write complete paragraphs pertaining to the contrast version. It should have a series of differences that are observed in the analysis of the actual topic or the point
  • The final paragraphs should be a summary of the two, having both the comparisons and the contrasts.
  • The conclusion paragraphs should be a small summary of all the facts and figures that are already stated. One should not add something that is indirect or new to the topic.
  • Always make sure to consult the grammar checking software, which can help to know the common errors which are spotted while reviewing the document.

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