How To Write a Descriptive Essay?

descriptive essay

As the name indicates, a descriptive essay is all about "description". It is more like a description of the place, events, person, or some kind of experience that can serve some purpose. Collectively, it can be inferred that the purpose of such an essay is to paint a picture with words.

This article will help you understand the purpose of the descriptive essay how to write one and what are the important aspects or elements of this essay.

How to define a descriptive Essay?

In general, descriptive essay writing is defined as a description that is meant to help readers understand all the important details of the subject that are discussed. The description can be of a person, any event of the experience that is either too fascinating or can serve a function. The underlying essence of the descriptive essay is similar to the narrative essay however the writing strategy and the underlying purpose can differentiate from essay to essay.

The major or the central purpose of the descriptive essay is to finalize and polish the analytical abilities of the students which can help in the future in the form of education or professional life. It is one of the reasons that the particular type of essay is assigned to the students in their high school or college.

The literal definition of this type of essay says, “Descriptive Essay is one of the most expressive forms of the essay that can help to describe and explain the subject in details so that the reader is able to paint the picture in his mind”.

Descriptive essay purpose:

The central purpose of the descriptive essay is to clearly explain or decipher the subject. Such types of essays can help to give the readers a clear picture of the idea that a student aims to explain. It is crucial for a writer to make use of vivid language so that the essay can be more readable.

However, it is important to understand that there is a difference between the descriptive essay and the argumentative essay, pertaining to the idea of including the facts and figures. It is important to keep the language and the context of the essay simple and clear in its manner. However, it is important to make sure that all the details are clearly mentioned, and there is no underlying ambiguity.

What are the elements of a descriptive essay?

There are some major and critical elements of an essay that are to be followed, a few of them are mentioned below:

  • Expressions or the sensory information
  • It is like adding the details that can arise emotions in the readers so that they can connect to whatever they are reading. A writer has to add all the details that can add to the underlying meaning of the content. The sensory details are a must in the essay such as helping readers engage their senses such as sight, smell, touch, and taste.

  • Use of figurative language
  • It is central to make use of figurative language because it is another major element of the descriptive essay. One should make use of metaphors, adjectives, similes, adverbs, and symbols that can make a reading worth a time. The use of figurative language can also help the readers understand the subject and visualize the meaning of the work.

  • Major idea and the theme
  • Although the essay is based on the expressions, it is important to infer that there is a central theme that should be followed. The choice of the theme helps to create the underlying essence of the essay and it is important to keep the essay to the point and focused.

  • To the point language
  • The language of the essay should be to the point because it will help to keep the readers stay connected with the content and the subject. The language should also be compatible with the theme that the writer is following in the essay

  • Ideas organization
  • An essay should have organized ideas taking into account the chronology, the orders plat, and the spatial location.

Universal Characteristics of Descriptive essay

  • A descriptive essay is all about giving the readers a thorough insight into the image that is to be communicated to the readers. So, one should always be much clear about the type of language and the choice of words that should be used.
  • A student should always make sure to use correct descriptions because the perception of the readers might vary, and it can affect the quality of the writing. It also means that the readers should be kept unidirectional in their understanding of the content.
  • A descriptive essay should always have a thesis statement, this element is encouraged and repeated because without it none of the writings can make sense. It is crucial for the writer to have a thesis statement that is connected with the single topic but it should be clearly communicative in its nature.
  • The headings should be topic centered i.e. clearly communicating the content that is discussed. The introduction should be about the background and a thorough insight into the topic, while the body paragraph should discuss the thesis statement. Each of the paragraphs should be discussing one of the points, but the paragraphs should be inter-connected.
  • The conclusion of the essay should be comprehensive and thorough because it is all about winding up thoughts. One should be very careful about not adding something new because that additional material can affect the quality of the paper.
  • A writer is always welcome to add some quotes to the paper, the more quotes will be added, the greater will be the chances of having better grades because

These are some of the comprehensive ideas that can help to achieve great results and are followed in almost all the writings without fail.

A guide to writing descriptive essays

Although it is a skill to write an essay, it would be better to call it art. Here is a complete guide that can help you with writing a descriptive essay.

  • Topic Selection
  • The first step is choosing the topic. It is suggested and highly recommended to make sure that the selected topic is well known and attractive so that a writer can write in detail and the readers can understand.

  • Create an outline
  • As every essay is incomplete without the outline, the same anthology applies to the descriptive essay. The essay should be based on the outline as it can help you to structure your essay and help to add all the sensory details. You can find descriptive outline examples over the internet or through our experts.

  • Introduction
  • After writing the detail, one should write an introduction that can help to discuss the main topic along with adding strong opinions. It will help to create the first impression of the essay, taking into account that the introduction is like a brief account of what the essay is going to be about

  • Add a thesis statement
  • An introduction should always end with a thesis statement. It is more like a conclusive statement that can justify the purpose of the essay and help the readers know what are you going to discuss in the essay.

  • Create the body paragraphs
  • The next step in writing an essay is creating body paragraphs. Each of the body paragraphs should be meaningful and it should help the reader connect to the main idea and understand what the aspects that are discussed in the essay are.

    However, it is important to note that the body paragraphs should be completed in an orderly sequence and make sense so that it is easy for the readers to understand the major ideas.

  • Conclusion
  • A descriptive essay should end with a strong conclusion. The conclusion should not have any new information rather it should be a summary of everything that is already discussed or that is priory discussed. Also, the thesis statement should be reinstated to make the reading more connecting and readable.

What are some common descriptive essay topics?

The most favorable thing in working on a descriptive essay is the variety of the subjects and the collection of aspects that can be discussed for the sake of writing. The essay can be written about a place, a memory, an object, or a person.

Descriptive essay on a place

  • Explain the detailing of the Lincoln Castle
  • The description of the dream house
  • The description of Safari Park
  • A detailed insight into the Niagara Falls

Descriptive Essay about the memory

  • Describe any memory of the childhood
  • What is the worst memory of life
  • How I celebrated my birthday
  • How I felt when I went abroad for the first time

Descriptive essay about a person

  • How is Nelson Mandela a role model
  • How might Hamlet look like in real life
  • The character of the favorite stranger that I would love to meet

Descriptive essay about an object

  • The description of my best watch
  • How my favorite PlayStation looks like
  • What are the things that I want to purchase patiently?
  • The description of the vase that I got from my mother

Example of descriptive essay

Examples and practice are the keys to perfection. In order to write a perfect descriptive essay, it is important to go through different examples that can help you understand the aspects of writing. It is also important to evaluate the already written descriptions as they can help p to get a better idea of the subject.

Following is one of the examples which shows how you can make use of the details, sensory information, and language to write a perfect essay.

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