How to write a synthesis essay ?

Synthesis Essay

A synthesis essay is defined as a type of essay in which different elements or aspects are combined to synthesize an essay. It is one of the most common yet repetitive tasks given in the form of assignments. This type of essay requires extensive research and it makes this essay a major piece to evaluate student writing abilities.

Introduction to synthesis essay

The basic definition shows that "synthesis essay is a type of essay that requires an individual to come up with a claim or a stance and then expand on it with the help of different resources and point of view"

In some of the cases, a writer is already given the stance to work on, while in other cases students have to find one by themselves. In both cases, it is crucial to develop a body of argument or stance and prove it with the help of research and references. The list of research contributions can be the research, articles, research papers observations, essays, and even interviews. Collectively, a college synthesis essay is all about building a strong building from the information that is already available in the form of different versions.

Characteristics of synthesis essay

  • A synthesis essay should be written while considering the subject line, because a writer should focus on the main idea and must be built on it.
  • A writer should always try writing about the thesis statement and building on it, rather than adding something new because it might distract the readers and affect the quality of writing Also, there should be no headings or subheadings added, because an essay has to be simple in its nature.
  • The writer should try to add some quotations and authentic information that can help to prove the stance or add to the underlying meaning. While writing a synthesis essay, a writer should be clear about the communication ethics, because one should not use slangs in the academic writing.
  • Additionally, the content of the essay should be focused on informing the audience, knowing the fact that the more a writer will try to expand on the idea, harder it will be to come up with the conclusion so one should try to stay focused and limited to the topic, and the word count.
  • A synthesis essay, as the name indicates should always be about the interest and something that a writer think that he can talk about, because the quality of the content makes all the difference.
  • Always add the original references, and the references should be cited accordingly. Usually people think that essay writing is creative, and there is no need of citing an outside source. Contrary, none of the writing is complete without adding appropriate resources and references.
  • The conclusion of the essay should be all about how well an individual has summarized the facts and ideas. Also, the writer should be concerned about the limit of word count and the references restrictions that should be followed clearly.

Different forms and types of synthesis essay:

There are different forms of synthesis essays, each having its own purpose and a major idea to prove. However, the two basic forms are discussed.

  • Explanatory Synthesis Essay
  • As the term indicates, an explanatory synthesis essay writing is more like a background essay in which a writer writes about a specific topic. The reading and content are accomplished on the careful and critical understanding of different facts and informational pieces. In general, a student is required and asked to explain something with reference to credible research. It is a conclusive insight into the commonly asked question i.e. how to write an explanatory synthesis ?

    An explanatory synthesis essay example is as follows

     Explanatory Synthesis Essay 1 Explanatory Synthesis Essay 2
  • Argumentative Synthesis Essay :
  • Alike an explanatory synthesis essay, there is an argumentative synthesis essay that explains and supports a topic or stance by having and presenting a viewpoint that has impartial essence. The essay tends to explain and elaborate on a claim by restricting oneself to a rational aspect. This type of synthesis essay writing is similar to an argumentative essay having an introduction, thesis statement, discussion, and conclusion. However, there needs to be a very strong thesis statement that can be backed by different pieces of evidence. Relevant ideas and information is added to prove the point.

    Example of an Argumentative Synthesis Essay

    Argumentative Synthesis Essay Argumentative Synthesis Essay Argumentative Synthesis Essay

Insight into AP Lang synthesis essay

AP Lang is an Advanced Placement Language, which is also explained as rhetoric and exegetical writing that is written at the college level. The aim of such an essay is to analyze and evaluate the writing abilities of the students, their approach towards language usage, and how students comprehend and understand different points and topics. It is one of the commonly assigned types of essay that can help students improve their critical writing skills, alongside thinking abilities.

In order to complete this type of synthesis essay writing a student is given a number of resources that are to be analyzed. After reading the resources, a student is required to create and design a claim about the topic, and then write an effective essay about it.

AP Lang Synthesis Essay AP Lang Synthesis Essay AP Lang Synthesis Essay AP Lang Synthesis Essay

How to write a synthesis essay

Synthesis essay is one of the specialized forms of writing. There are different techniques that can help you ace this synthesis essay structure and you can obviously have a perfectly written essay for yourself. Following is a just description of each of the techniques that can help students accomplish their goal

  • Compiling the data
  • It is one of the simplest yet, most important techniques that require compiling and explaining all the relevant resources it is done by writing a short summary of the articles or resources that are used. However, it is crucial to understand that there is no need for personal perspective or an original thought of the writer.

  • Using visuals and backing up with examples
  • It is the second and most important technique that requires a writer to make use of different visuals such as graphs, and pictures to make the content more clear, readable, profound, and attractive. There is an open option to choose to add different quotes from credible sources. In addition, real-life, or self-taken photos can also be added to have a more powerful impact on the readers.

  • Aligning reasons
  • A synthesis essay is all about reasons and claims. A writer is evaluated on the basis of references and reasons that are provided. It is beneficial to have at least two supporting reasons because it creates a more credible impact and shows that a writer has done extensive reading.

  • Using straw-man technique
  • It is one of the most appreciated techniques to come up with better arguments. All a student is required to do is, narrate the opposing points o claims that are found. Then the claims are refuted by identifying their flaws and coming up with the claims that are supporting the said claim or justify the significance of the claims. It also shows that the reader is well aware of the topic, and how it can contribute to the body of knowledge.

  • Applying the concession technique
  • This technique is similar to the straw-man technique but the underlying difference is, this technique requires a reader, not to reject the opposing comments, rather explain that your claims have more power and convincing than the other. This technique can help to score really well because it is a clear example of a clear and extensively read task.

  • Application of compare and contrast technique
  • This technique requires an individual to choose, compare and contrast options to come up with, or explain the central idea or the stance. This technique can help the readers come up with a self-articulated response that is based on the identification of similarities and differences between different resources and references. This is one of the best ways through which the topic can be completely understood alongside writing a highly academic and credible paper.

Writing an AP Lang synthesis essay

Writing an AP Lang synthesis essay follows the same technique as the other essay but the only difference is the underlying refinement that needs to be considered. Following are the steps that a writer should follow while writing an AP Lang synthesis essay

  • Giving a close and exegetical reading to the provided sources
  • Analyzing the text in detail
  • Designing the point of view for the essay
  • Writing a well-defined conclusion
  • Using either an APA or a Chicago style to cite the resources.

Outline to synthesis essay

The synthesis essay outline follows the following components

  • Writing an introduction
  • It is the first step in writing the synthesis essay structure. It requires a writer to introduce the topic in general or the claims that are central to the definition of the topic. Basically, an introduction sets the stage for the understanding of giving an idea of the topic. The opening of the essay should be strong and credible, ending with a thesis statement that shows the claim that a writer has chosen to write on.

  • Writing the body paragraphs
  • It is the main section of the essay that requires explaining each piece of evidence and the material supporting the claim in a different paragraph. It is not always necessary to have only one supporting claim in one paragraph, rather there can be many supporting claims in one paragraph.

  • Crafting the conclusion
  • It is the last part of the synthesis essay outline and also the synthesis essay that requires concluding and summarizing everything that is already said and described earlier. It is important to note and consider that no new information should be added or made part of the conclusion.

    Apart from synthesis essay there are many other essay topics like narrative essay or rhetorical essay etc.

Example of synthesis essay

synthesis essay example synthesis essay example synthesis essay example synthesis essay example synthesis essay example

These are some of the synthesis essay topics that can help you with writing the essay:

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