How to write an exemplification essay?

exemplification essay

It is believed that a lot of hard work is required in writing essays when it comes to a specific type of essay that can help to accomplish some academic goals. However, it is obvious that almost all the writing tasks are simply pertaining to the basic principles of essay writing. This edition will help you come up with the best exemplification essay almost within the first try and with minimum effort. Make sure to review the examples also.

Definition of exemplification essay

An exemplification essay is defined as the type of argumentative essay that has exemplification writing. It is one of the most commonly written essays that aims at providing examples so that the crux of the thesis statement can be justified. It can also be known as the exemplification definition. It is important to note that the description of the topic is not always enough rather one has to come up with some latest and definite examples.

There are different purposes of examples such as these examples help in elaborating, defining, and then proving the underlying point of argument. The aspect that makes an exemplification essay similar to an argumentative essay is the use of reasons and logic that can help to add to the strength of the argument. In addition to the examples, a writer is supposed to add the related acts, statistics as well as the material that is taken from credible and reliable resources.

An exemplification is usually incomplete without the facts that add to the meaning. This type of essay is also important because it can help to learn how to provide the examples yay can add to the stance and then it can help in other academic tasks as well.

How to begin with your exemplification essay?

There are different forms of synthesis essays, each having its own purpose and a major idea to prove. However, the two basic forms are discussed.

  • Choosing the topic
  • The writing of an essay begins with the choice of topic. It is important to come up with a theme that is relevant close to the reader's mind and the subject and helps in getting good grades. While choosing the topic, make sure that you are consulting the right number of resources and the topic is arguable. It is usually difficult to write on general topics.

  • Brainstorming the ideas
  • The next step in writing the essay is brainstorming. It is more like developing the ideas and then arranging them in a meaningful way. A writer should think of the ideas and the aspects that can support t theme and add to the support. Brainstorming is an important aspect because it helps to choose the angle that one should discuss in the essay and it is the main stance of the essay.

  • Choosing the examples
  • Now, the next step is to choose the examples. It is important to come up with examples that can strengthen the content of the essay. One should add both, historical and current examples so that a more meaningful essay can be crafted. Most of the time, students ignore the examples, but it should not be the case because the more there are examples greater will be the quality of the essay.

  • Create an outline
  • It is always suggested and recommended to create an outline before creating a full-length essay. So, it is important to have a complete and strong outline. The outline adds to the organization, coherence, and structure of the essay. The outline is important because it helps to place the information in the right categories and it can help to add to the quality of the essay.

    In the light of the universal formatting approaches, there are five major sections of the essay, mentioned below

    1. Introduction
    2. Body paragraph 1
    3. Body Paragraph 2
    4. Body paragraph 3
    5. Conclusion

Characteristics of exemplification essay

Following are some of the common characteristics of the exemplification essay that needs to be followed thoroughly

  • Firstly, make sure that all the elements of an essay are completely followed, which includes, an introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion section. These elements should be accomplished and marked in the form of paragraphs, where each paragraph pertains to the given heading
  • Always ensure to highlight the thesis statement. It should be written at the end of the introduction paragraph, and it should be a simple crux or an insight into the explicit details of the essay.
  • While writing the essay, always make sure to follow the essay type. In the exemplification essay, a writer should try to give some examples which can be both, based on history, or the real-life facts and figures that are in any way contributing to human life.
  • The exemplification essay should be written in the form of defined patterns, where most academic institutions ask students to write an outline prior to the full-length paper, sometimes accompanied by drafts also.
  • The essay should have multiple references, in the form of scholarly resources and references, alongside quotations that can help to achieve academic goals.
  • The essay must be read thoroughly after it is completed and then it should be checked through some grammar checking application that can ensure error-free writing
  • Once all these aspects are accomplished, you are done with the full-length paper. Now, one should also add the intext citations which means that the content will be cited.

These are some of the aspects of the exemplification essay that are followed without any restriction of title and the task. These ideas can help to come up with some quality work that can help to achieve academic goals.

How you can write an exemplification essay

Once you are done with creating the outline, it is time to start the full-length writing process. As per the information that is collected for the outline, now is the time to formulate the full-length essay that will be based on the information that is collected through the research. Following will be the content of the full-length essay

  • Introduction
  • It is the first section of your essay. In this section, you will introduce the topic. It is more light a detailed insight into the background of the topic. Here, you will discuss what you have found about the topic so far and how it has been helpful in addressing the underlying context of the essay. The essays start with a hook which is also known as the topic sentence of the essay, which is meant for grabbing the attention of the readers. The introduction section is always the first section that is read so it should always be written with more attention and uniqueness.

    While writing the introduction section, make sure to include a thesis statement. It is more like a one-sentence answer to the underlying question that is to be answered in the essay. The stance is important because it can help to know the reason why the topic is chosen and how it can add to the purpose of writing an essay.

    When it comes to the thesis statement, it should always be arguable and it should always be judged from differ perspective

  • Body Paragraphs
  • This section of the essay is the first paragraph after the introduction so it should be very clear and to the topic, in terms of addressing the thesis statement.

    Pertaining to the understanding of the 5 paragraph formatting of the essay, it is important to make sure that each paragraph describes a different point of a thesis statement. The aspect should be discussed and analyzed in the light of the evidence or the support from the scholarly articles or the research.

    For a perfect essay, it is important to have a good harmony between the paragraphs. The harmony can be maintained with the help of transition words. These words can help to add to the underlying connectivity of the essay and improve the structure of essay.

  • Conclusion
  • When writing the conclusion, it is important to ensure that none of the aspects of the points are repeated. The essay is summed up into discussion paras so the conclusion is just a summary that can help to recall, and then conclude whatever is being written. The concise approach is meant to remind the audience about everything that is already discussed and it is important to add to the meaning.

  • Proofreading and editing
  • Once you are done with writing the essay, it is time to mitigate and omit all the errors or mistakes. The aim of this task is to make sure that the essay is error-free and there is nothing to be related and everything is already sorted out. The best way of proofreading and editing or work is to read it aloud, ask any of your papers to read it for you, or to run your work through some software.

What are some of the exemplification essay examples?

It is always good to refer to a sample or view a good sample before starting with the complete work. Here are a few of the excellent piece of exemplification essay examples that can help you come up with the best essay. These exemplification examples can help you with every step of essay writing

What are the commonly worked on exemplification essay topics?

In essay writing, I think half of the reader’s attention is localized in the choice of topic. It is central and crucial to have an interesting topic such as an exemplification essay about education. The topic should be to the point, relevant as well as interesting. These are some of the exemplification essay topics that you can choose from

  • What are the pros and cons of marijuana legalization?
  • What is the role of technology in the modern world?
  • How have psychological studies made this world a better place
  • Should underage driving be banned?
  • What factors contribute to devastating thinking
  • Which types of schools should be promoted, online schools or the offline schools

What are some writing tips?

We strongly agree that writing is a tedious job. There are a few tips that can help you with essay writing.

  • Always make sure to choose the right topic. It will not only lessen the stress but it can help you earn good grades also.
  • Whenever you are writing an essay, make sure there is a thesis statement that is included because it adds a lot to the meaning of the essay and restricts you from missing the points
  • Always make an outline prior to making an essay structure because it can add to the structure of the essay
  • Make sure to quote the latest media resources and media approaches to formulate your essay. Also, always add as many examples as possible.

Collectively, make sure to add quotes, examples, and important information whenever required. It can help you write qualitative work within less time.

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