How to write a Rogerian argumentative essay like a pro rhetorician?

Rogerian argumentative essay

Life is all about words, and it takes no time for words to become arguments and a lot of people don’t understand the context. The misconception of being between the unclear edge of understanding the words and the context shares a common ground of being rhetoric in nature. The world would have been so much of a happier place if people would have thought about living into compromises rather than adhering to what is restricted to words. The same idea was proposed by Carl Rogers who was a famous psychologist. He proposed the strategy of compromise under the name of Rogerian argument. In this blog we will discuss about rogerian argumentative essay .

The meaning of Rogerian Argument

In the light of what Carl Rogers said, empathy is one of the keys and a fundamental approach that can help to solve the arguments. The approach is usually adopted by the students of Humanities and the Social Sciences so that they can find answers to some potential question or find a way to mitigate the underlying errors and prove their points.

The arguments infer that every individual should try to understand what the adversary is, and then the personal ideas should be presented. In a nutshell, it is inferred that when two people try to reflect on what they actually think, it is easy to understand the underlying ideas and it can then help to move to the solution rather than sticking to the controversial statement. The Rogerian arguments allow speakers to share their ideas in a way that the other person understands the context, it is deemed as an easy way to come up with decisions that are both acceptable and convenient.

It would not be wrong to say that the Rogerian argument is different from all the other arguments, and it is more to the point and convenient when compared to the other types of arguments. Taking an example of the most commonly read argument i.e. Aristotelian Argument, the purpose is to prove one’s own point of view while finding the weakness in the point of view created by the other one. The Rogerian Argument serves a totally opposite purpose.

Following are some major ideas or objectives of a Rogerian Argument

  • It tends to look forward to a mutual interest with the readers or the speakers
  • One tries to find a starting point that can help to go further in the discussion as well as a cooperative work
  • The strategy aims at finding ways that can help to win the trust of the audience, and individual’s adversary,
  • The strategy tends to pave a way for an open and clear exchange of ideas and viewpoints.

What are some of the best ways to write a Rogerian Essay?

Writing a Rogerian argument or a Rogerian essay is no doubt a tedious task because it requires more clarity and a generous amount of patience and reading when compared to the other types of essays.

  • Dialogical attributes or characters
  • As it is not possible for a reader to engage in a real-time conversation with another party in the essay, following the timeline of this type of argument, an individual can predict the reaction of the individual and the answer can be imagined that can help to recreate a conversation. Thus, a Rogerian essay tends to serve as the baseline of a future dialogue that will be smooth and welcoming.

  • Maintain a balance
  • The central aim of a writer in the Rogerian essay is to come up with some objective and realistic thoughts that can help the opponents understand the idea or the point. Although it seems to be very hard in the beginning to have a balanced vision with the arguments an individual tries to seek consensus.

  • No Demands
  • When an individual is writing a Rogerian essay, there is no place or gap for any kind of demand. The thesis statement is meant to be proved and it requires a writer to understand that as a psychological attack. The aim of the essay is not to change the mind or the thoughts of the readers, rather it is the responsibility to understand that the writer cannot respond aggressively or hit the attitude or the understanding of the readers.

  • Less Description
  • Rogerian argument essay or the Rogerian essay is assumed to have a neutral tone that should be emotionless. It means that the writing is deemed to be a simple and original representation of the issue. In contrast to the other types of essays, this essay has a more professional, accepting, and nonbiased tone that can help to achieve major writing goals.

Steps of writing a Rogerian Essay

Alike other academic tasks, and the sequences that are to be followed while accomplishing academic goals, writing a Rogerian Essay is also followed by some major steps.

  • Select the topic
  • The first step in writing a Rogerian argument is to select a topic. It could be anything that is linked with the life of a human being or it is judged by a few people. However, it is important to note that the argument should be debatable and it should be valid enough to be talked about, which also means that the absolute truth should not be listed as the topics and Rogerian argument essay topics are always very authentic and discussion-oriented.

  • Collect relevant information
  • It requires collecting the information. This step is meant for building the mindset of the readers or helping them to understand how the information can be arranged in a particular way so that a creative piece of paper can be created.

  • Design an outline
  • Based on all the readings and the understanding of the topic, a writer has to design a Rogerian argument outline. The outline is a shorter and bullet-point version of the detailed version of the essay. The outline should have all the details and the information that a writer is willing to add to the essay.

  • Identify the stance
  • Now, it is the most important task, i.e. to come up with a stance. I assert that none of the ideas and the descriptions are complete without the stance. The stance is required to create a thesis statement, as well as to reflect onto what a reader has believed to be true.

  • Share an overview of the stance
  • Now, in detail, a writer has to share what is learned about the topic, and what is the basic understanding of the topic. The stance should be backed by the evidence from the literature and other authentic sources that can add to the underlying credibility.

  • Evaluate the opposite stance
  • Again, now, a writer is required to share the opposite stance with the same generosity. The opposite point should interfere with the stance that is to be defended. Collectively, there should be a meeting point between the two.

  • Identify the conflicting grounds stance
  • Now, you have to identify the similarities and explain ideas in such a way that the underlying difference can be entailed. The explanation of the difference is important to help the reader understand what are the aspects that could have been modified or amended to give a better version of the facts.

  • Explain the reasons
  • It is crucial for the writer to explain why the other points existed or what have been the beliefs of the other writers about the topic that made them think this way. It can help to gather some related knowledge.

  • Align the meeting points
  • Now, it is the point where a writer has to give up on all the negativity and the hatred about the opposing points. Simply put, this step requires a writer to entail what could have been done to make the points more clear interactive.

  • Come up with an agreement or the conclusion
  • It is the last point of the essay that requires an individual to develop a conclusion. It is the most important part of the essay where both sides of an argument are presented with clarity.

You can find an example of a Rogerian argument essay on a number of web pages and although following these points can help you come up with a great and a well scoring essay, there are a few tips that can act as a cherry on top.

  • Always determine the common grounds
  • While writing an essay, it is important to look for the similarities because it can help to create a more productive and creative piece of writing. It is one of the best ways of understanding how solutions can be made part of controversial writings

  • Avoid the logical fallacies
  • An individual should always avoid adding any kind of logical fallacies. The fallacies only add to the argument rather than resolve it, so logical fallacies are not suitable for this type of essay

  • Follow a neutral tone
  • It is central to have a neutral tone. It is the best way through which the best and most well-informed essay can be created. The use of a neutral tone can help to gather more appreciation and pieces of knowledge.

  • Maintain a balance
  • Always try to maintain a balance between the opposing points and your points. It can help the readers understand the central conflict as well as appreciate how well you have used the Rogerian technique.

  • Add opposing arguments
  • Always add opposing arguments because none of the essays is complete without them. It is important to look for the opposite point of view to develop and gather in what is already informed and what is not communicated

  • Always adhere to positive notes
  • Life is all about staying positive and the same anthology applies to writing Rogerian arguments. Although one has to show exegetical skills but ending on positive notes is always perfect and appreciated.

Tips to write a Rogerian argumentative essay like a pro rhetorician

If you are looking for a simple and clear guide on how to write a Rogerian argumentative essay, there are some common tips that should be followed

  • Always look for empathy because it is the basic approach to writing a Rogerian argument. In addition, a writer should look for the ethos, pathos, and logos related to the topic. It can help to understand the point of negotiations and the point of contradictions.
  • A student should always select a topic very carefully. It is said that usually, students fail to understand how they should be writing about the topic, so when the topic will be of choice, it is easy for a writer to develop his stance and then build on that stance.
  • The writer should classify the essay into different sections, such as arguments in favor, an argument in opposition, and then the meeting points where a negotiation can be made. These classifications can help to understand how to divide the word count and how to achieve the writing goals.
  • While writing an essay, one should be confident in coming up with both points because both sides of the argument need to be stated. Also, it is crucial to come up with references that can act as a backup to the stance or the points that a writer is trying to achieve or prove,
  • After highlighting and adding to all the sections the writer should focus on negotiation which is a must and serve as the baseline of the Rogerian argument. It can help to overcome the major points of opposition and how a generic over point can be achieved.
  • Once everything is done, a writer should read the essay from the perspective of the third person which can help to know how well a writer has done his job.

Examples of Rogerian Argument essay

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