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Informative speech

With an increased attention towards ‘better grades’, it is found that students usually have a tough time meeting the requirements set by the teachers and professors. In the flux of academic stress, it has become almost impossible to have a balanced student life in which equal attention is given to the academic and non-academic activities. Evaluating all these issues that students might face, it is inferred that online material has played a central role in teaching students.


Essay writing is one of the difficult tasks that an individual has to do because of the writing protocols that are necessary and important to be followed. Since, it is technical and not that easy, teachers usually ask their students to write informative essays is that they can evaluate and assess different skills of the students and rate their abilities as per the requirement. No matter in what grade a student is, writing always require an art and it is why the students are encouraged to write informative essays. The reason why informative essays are a common assignment is that, almost all the subjects are dealt with in it, and it is the so common type of essay that help to improve abilities of the students such as analysis, rephrasing, looking for information and even evaluating to for some cause. If you want to earn and understand about the most yet important ways through which informative essay can be written it is crucial to have clear understanding of this blog, and you must read till the end because inly then you will be bale to come up with a great piece of writing.

Writing an informative essay

Generally, informative essay is defined as the type of essay tat can help the readers to understand a specific topic. It is also described as a document that is designed with an aim to educate and inform the audience and the readers about the topic and the subject. The underlying purpose of the essay is to evaluate and go through all the relevant points that can create an influence and add to the underlying knowledge.

In some of the cases, the purpose of the informative essay is to compare two different topics and the point of views and then coming up with a universal viewpoint that can help to develop response and an opinion. There are some cases, in which a writer is required to collect the relevant information and then arrange it in the form of chronological order so that readers can have all the related facts and figures on the same page. No matter whichever obligation a writer is trying to fulfil, it is crucial to have a well-informed essay.

Thus, it would not be wrong to say that the underlying function and the purpose of the essay is to ensure and draw a comparison between it types and then help to analyse the given data. There should not be any opinion, and all the information should be based on the information that is read or retrieved. While writing an informative essay, it is crucial to have clear understanding of different types of informative essay

Types of Informative essay

  • Descriptive Essay
  • The most common type of informative essay that students are asked to write is descriptive one. It is all about the description of the event, an object or the concept that is under discussion. The task of the writer is to paint a picture with words and also to share what the writer has understood from different readings and the narrations and description from different people.

  • Cause and effect essay
  • It is another type of informative essay which deals with the identification of the causes and the effects of an event or a phenomenon that is happening. It is all about the information than one receives after working on different events or learning about them. This essay is a bit difficult because it requires the writer to come up with his observations without changing his opinion about something.

  • Compare and contrast essay
  • It is the type of essay that is written to draw upon the list of differences and similarities. In this essay, two subjects are chosen and then they are compared with each other in order to come up with a narration that deals with the underlying differences. Also, in this type of essay, an individual is not required to share his particular opinion rather the details that are studied are conveyed in the way as stated.

  • Problem-solution essay
  • It is a type of informative essay in which the job of the writer is to come up with the problem, analysing how sever the problem and then coming up with the solutions of the problem. It is one of the most commonly practiced essay types which aims evaluating the problem-solving skill of the students and how students can use their mind and whatever they have studied to come up with a response to the propose or identified problem.

Steps to write informative essay

Writing an informative essay is a difficult task, but it can be completed by adhering some simple rules of essay writing. It is argued that the steps to come up with an excellent informative essay are same as that of the other academic writing projects.

  • Introduction
  • Every essay starts with an introduction, it is more like a background area in which a writer tried to explain the meaning of the topic. A writer sums up the information that can help to define and determine the underlying meaning. The introduction should introduce the writers about the central idea of the topic.

  • Thesis statement
  • The introduction section should always end with a thesis statement which is also determined as the crux of the assignment. It is more like a one sentence response to the essay question in which the write examples his stance. It would not be wrong to say that the thesis statement sets the stage for writing the body paragraphs.

  • Body paragraphs
  • It is the set of paragraphs that are designed and created so that the writer can explain or prove the thesis statement. It is important to understand that the writer should have multiple paragraphs in his assignment, and each paragraph should start with a topic sentence. The remaining sentence will prove the topic sentence. All the body paragraphs should eb cited and the resources should be mentioned in the list of references. Usually writers are asked to restrict themselves to a few paragraphs i.e. 3 body paragraphs, but actually the number of paragraphs vary with the length and the type of the academic task.

  • Conclusion
  • it is the last part of the essay; the purpose of this section is to summarize everything that is already written and stated. One of the important rules for writing conclusion section is that, there should not be any repetition or conveying something new in the section, rather there should be a complete and comprehensive understanding of whatever is stated in the earlier paragraphs.

Informative essay examples

You can have a thorough understanding of the complete format of an informative essay, only when you will review an essay example. The essay example is a comprehensive guide that can help you come up with a better piece of writing in the future.

Informative essay topics

There are some commonly discussed topics that can be used while writing an informative essay.

Some of the essay topics are stated below

  • Role of technology in upgrading human minds
  • How poverty is the root cause of all evils
  • The role of sad music on human abilities
  • How cognitive disorders have increased with increase in access to information
  • How marijuana is a threat to human health
  • How road accidents are increasing with time
  • What is the role of government in ensuring environmentally friendly products for people.
  • How increasing crime rate can be controlled
  • How an individual can ensure his constructive contribution to the world depicts all odds
  • The role of social media in creating awareness.

Some tips

There are some common tips that can help write to come up with the content that is not only appealing but it can help to get some good marks in all types of assessments.

  • Always look for information related to the topic that you are well-aware of. It means that you should avoid experimenting with different topics because it can lead to marks deduction.
  • A write should always create an outline first prior to writing a full-length paper. The outline should be comprehensive and it should communicate the underlying crux that the writer will eb working on, in the full-length paper.
  • It is crucial to have a thorough understanding of the thesis statement, and how it should be designed. The writer should also try to narrate all the examples as per the requirement.
  • The informative essay should be backed by the latest information that comprises all the facts and figures.
  • The resources should be cited simultaneously, and all the information should be retrieved from the credible sources.
  • Once you are done with the task, make sure that all the quotations, statistics and the other information is rephrased and it cited following the type of formatting determined in the instructions.
  • Always proofread your task, there are several ways you can do it. You can either go with read aloud technique or you can ask someone to read your essay for you.

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