Enhancing Persuasive speech writing


Persuasive speech or persuasive abilities are deemed central for an individual to survive because it is one of the skills that can help an individual to sustain the world while developing some views and then proving them in the light of some claims. This blog aims at developing insight into how to convince someone of an idea or a perspective. It would not be wrong to say that a persuasive speech is a combination of both research work and word choice that can help to create an impression on the reader.

Introduction to persuasive speech

In the light of Mariam Webster dictionary and some of the contexts developed by the Oxford Dictionary, it is inferred that a persuasive speech definition is a particular speech that allows a writer to develop or take a stance and then convince the reader about the validity of the agreement. This observation tends to develop the viewpoint of the author and helps to know why a certain point is incorrect. Following are some of the aspects that can facilitate an individual in writing a well-versed persuasive speech. These points are as follows.

  • Research
  • Basic knowledge about the audience based on types of persuasive speech
  • A concise understating of the issues in terms of all aspects

These elements seem to be tough and hard to cater to, but actually, every speech is made of all these points. In order to come up with some research basics, it is important to understand the missed and the viewpoint of the readers because any superficial viewpoint can lead to aggression or it can deviate the readers.

There are some important elements of the persuasive speech that needs to be taken into consideration.

  • A well-designed thesis statement that can show individual perspective
  • An introductory paragraph that can depict persuasive speech topics
  • Well-created body paragraphs that can help to support the audience
  • Some smooth shifting and transition to connect with the readers
  • Using different counterarguments to clarify the arguments
  • A conclusion that can summarize the overall understanding of the point.

Formatting a persuasive speech

In general, there is a set pattern that should be followed for writing a persuasive speech. The pattern is shared as follows.

  • Introduction
  • It comprises the hook statement and a thesis statement which is extracted from the body paragraphs.

  • Body paragraphs
  • It is an important part of the persuasive speech; this section will comprise almost 3 to 5 paragraphs, where each of the paragraphs will have an argument comprised with at least three supporting evidence. It will also include an antithesis paraph which will also be having a supporting evidence.

  • Conclusion
  • It is the last part of the speech in which there will be a brief summary of all the points that are discussed, the thesis statement should be restated, and then there should either be a call to action or some recommendations.

  • Formatting and adjustment
  • It is inferred that the font size should always be 12 Times New Roman while it should be 16 for the headings. Then line spacing should be double, and the text should be justified. In most of the cases, the word count is already given, but it is not given, then the word count should be between 500 words to at least 2000 words.

  • Starting to write.
  • Imagine you are just starting to write your persuasive speech; there are some of the steps that you should follow,

    • Always design the thesis statement at the beginning of the speech; it will help you understand the background.
    • Define the tone of your speech, and it should be designed beforehand
    • Always add some interesting quotes and facts that are related to the content of your speech
    • The outline and the ideas should be brainstormed
    • Never use some boring and cliché templates
    • The position selected for the speech should be mentioned.

Steps to writing a persuasive speech

Following are some of the important and basic steps that should be followed while writing a persuasive speech.

  • Work on a draft
  • Always try working on a draft. It can help to overview and understand the points that should be included in the speech. One should always have a rough draft prepared.

  • Select a trending or a controversial topic
  • It is obvious that no one will argue or want to talk about a common topic. It is crucial to have a topic that is controversial and interesting for the audience based on the types of persuasive speech. Following are some of the persuasive speech topics that can be selected to come up with a well-crafted persuasive speech.

    • How the internet is turning into a curse
    • Why kids should not take part in competitions, or there should not be specific rewards for competitions
    • Why human rights should be protected
    • How marijuana is providing as an illness in the society
    • Why cell phones should be banned
    • How censorship is just a topic nowadays.

    These are some of the basic ideas that can help you come up with a great paper.

  • Define your perspective
  • While writing a persuasive speech, the most important aspect is to come up with your side or version of the topic. It is crucial to help the readers know what your perspective is and how you are going to defend your point. This step is also important because it can help you in finding the required material and doing the related research that can develop the stance.

  • Evaluate the target audience
  • It is crucial to understand about the target audience before even starting writing. It will help you to understand what are the beliefs, needs, and wants of the audience. Sometimes, you might argue about the sentence topic, and it can again affect the specific groups. If you are writing for a community, you need to have a different version; the same anthology applies to the other versions.

  • Holding on to the strongest evidence
  • It is important to have a position because it can help to find different themes. One has to rely on the strongest point only because you have to look after to the word count limits that can again prove to be a barrier. It is highly recommended to get help from experts, journal articles, quotations, or research papers.

  • Designing an outline
  • An important and practical stage of writing a persuasive speech is to come up with a persuasive speech outline; it is more about giving shape to the speech and the argument. Usually, it is all about the introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion.

  • Making a rough draft
  • Once a persuasive speech audience is developed, the next step is to come up with a draft that should be based on ethos, pathos, and logos. It is the series of elements that encourages completing the research-based facts, personal emotions, or reasons.

  • Revising
  • It is the last and most important part of the speech. it requires you to check for all the errors, language issues, and formatting errors of any. It is the most crucial part of a speech, and it needs attention because if facts are not counterchecked, they can even result in deducting marks.

persuasive speech example outline

The outline serves an important part in having a detailed version of something. Following are some of the important elements of persuasion. The most important thing is to come up with an introduction in which there should be a well-defined and well-established thesis statement that should be driven from the background information. Then there should be a seamless flow toward the body paragraphs, which needs to be aligned as per the topic.

The next part of the persuasive speech example outline should be the series of body paragraphs that should be written with an aim to expand on the topic. It is important to have at least three body paragraphs, where each of them should have a topic sentence, then it should be backed by the facts or the research material that can help in expanding on the topic sentence. It is important to always make sure that the body paragraphs also have an antithesis which can also help to come up with the other side of the story.

Then, the outline should end with a conclusion. The conclusion paragraph should have a deeper insight into the facts and the aspects that need to be addressed in light of the recommendations and suggestions. Additionally, it is crucial to have a grammar check of almost all the aspects of the speech; it should be run through an application named Grammarly. All the material that is taken from some other sources should be cited, and the list of references should be mentioned at the end of the paper.

Basic tips of persuasive speech

There are some of basic tips that should be followed while writing a persuasive speech. These tips can always help you in coming up with a well-researched speech.

  • Firstly, a writer should mention his position very clearly
  • The opposition arguments should be stated in the light of some research rather than coming up with a personal observation
  • It is important to cite all the researches that are taken from other sources
  • Always try to add some quotes and facts as per the requirements of the paper.
  • There should be no repetition of the content.
  • It is crucial to have a well-developed and well-formatted speech that has all the aspects, such as an introduction, discussion, and conclusion.
  • Always try to use some strong and the emotive language that can leave the desired impact.

Some examples of persuasive speech

It is crucial to have a clear insight into how to write a well-crafted speech. one should always come up with the aspects that are effective and meaningful. However, one should not convey a mere opinion; rather, research and factual information are an important part of the speech.

There is a simple persuasive speech sample that should be followed.

Following the persuasive speech sample and the given instructions, one will be able to come up with a great and Informative speech. It is of crucial importance to note that not every student has to follow the same tips and ways. If you think you don’t have the time or the right number of abilities and skills that should be used, we are always here to help you.

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