Money-Back Guarantee

The money-back guarantee of the company allows the customer to get a full refund if the writer has failed to provide quality work. Any inconvenience from the side of the customer will not be applicable to this issue.

Cancellation of order

The following rules are applicable to the customer in terms of order cancellation.

If the order is not assigned to the writer yet. In case the order is assigned, and the writer is working on the order, the order cannot be cancelled.

Quality Issues

Different policies are designed to address the quality issues that a client can face. Firstly, the client can ask for a revision then, the comments can be addressed. The client can also ask for a re-do, if the required quality is not delivered. However, all these aspects are evaluated and investigated by the QA Department. Any issues after the evaluation of the draft cannot be entertained.

Money back

The money can be returned within 30 working days.

Order your quality paper and get it done within 5 hours because we believe in quality and quality requires investing time.